are you tired of trying to beg people Every time to hear you out so you can tell them about your amazing products and services?

do you want to get them in large numbers begging to buy from you instead? then you've got to start using High Converting Webinars! This program walks you through how to do this from zero to everything.

Deborah Ugochukwu Omeni Coaching testimonial

this could be the BEST INVESTMENT you would ever make this year

The Highest Converting online mastermind to kickstart sales for your business

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in the 6 figure launch strategy mastermind, 

  • i will show you how to launch your business online and make your offers using high converting webinars
  • you will learn how to host high converting webinars
  • learn how to sell; master the art of closing sales
  • learn how to sell 2; the psychology of selling
  • learn how to make them buy; the hack of funnels
  • Digital Products You Too Can Launch; The 50 Hot Niches Pack
  • find out the products that could work for you; the product discovery blueprint
  • learn the launch webinar content mastery
  • learn the ultimate webinar offer sequence
  • how to use the 2 week launch plan to sell out.
  • Long-term facebook group Monetization Blueprint
  • how to create a permanent hangout (WHERE) for your ideal customers (WHO) so you don't have to keep doing random marketing.
  • Plus Other Bonuses Worth $34 (N15,000)
  • You Get One Year Access plus 30 days To Ask Me Anything Regarding Your Launch

hi, I'm Deborah... let me help you move from "I don't know how to launch my business online" to actually "getting people begging to buy from you".

join the 6 figure launch strategy mastermind now

Regular Price- $110 (N50,000)

sales price -$45 (N20,500)

today's Price; $21 (N9,500)


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i know you may be wondering, how exactly can i tap into this, here's the truth; I have done and failed at over 7 businesses in my first two years of trying out businesses but when i finally learnt how to sell my knowledge, i found that i had discovered new gold. i started out by teaching wig making to women and i launched that Training and got my first students in 24 Hours just by organizing a webinar online where i used this strategy i am about to show you in the 6 figure launch strategy to get them paying in just 24 hours. 

the fact remains that this strategy works for almost all businesses.

in 2017, i used this strategy to sell out my first physical class teaching wig making.

works for both digital  and physical products too

whats the difference between the person who sells out and the person who keeps struggling to make any sale?

its not always about the product, its more about HOW YOU MAKE YOUR OFFERS and HOW YOU SELL.

join the 6 figure launch Strategy Mastermind today to master how to make offers and how to sell out.

Now Imagine what your life would be like when you are done with this mastermind and launching your products repeatedly hitting six figures in sales with the knowledge from this mastermind.

Sadly, this could be the last time ever that I would be taking in anyone for the 6figure launch strategy mastermind because “oh well, it’s no longer a secret if thousands of people start using it”. This is the very reason you should join now.

    This could be what you have been waiting for


    It’s all about YOU!

    The 6-figure launch strategy mastermind gives you one year access to my secret launch strategy and killer sales tactics which will help you create high converting product launch online repeatedly.

    check out a short summary of some of the things you get in the mastermind.

    1. 1
      How to launch: listen, the worst thing you can do to your business is announce its launch as a launch. This is because nobody likes to be sold to even though they love to buy. You must learn how to give value upfront and I’ll be showing you how to do this the right way without giving out too much but just enough to get them buying.  
    2. 2
      Where to launch: you must know where, what exact vehicle will you use in launching that product? I have told you about how webinars are the best way to sell anything digital or service related out and in this 6 figure launch webinar mastermind, I will show you how to create a webinar from scratch. Every single thing you need to launch like a pro will be given to you in my launch like a pro guide which others like you have gotten (see screenshots attached below). More interesting is the fact that you wont just find out how to find your how, but I will also show you how to create the right combination of hangouts where you can find your customers on auto-repeat.
    3. 3
      How to sell: I’m sure you do remember the testimonial video of one of my clients who is the CEO of a travel abroad company and how this very skill of understanding the psychology of selling has made his company more profit. Join the mastermind to get access to this training.
    4. 4
      What can I sell; just in case you are still wondering what exactly to sell, my most watched live training (how to get people to stop picking your brain for free) will definitely help you alongside the 50 plus hot niches pack and my product discovery blueprint. Get all this when you join the mastermind. 
    Deborah Ugochukwu Omeni coaching testimonial

    What People Are Saying About Our Solution

    Deborah is so exceptional

    I have attended online classes but Deborah is so exceptional. I learnt a lot that I can’t even begin to write down. I had earlier told Deborah about my story and now I will implement all she has taught. Thank you so much for this.

    Barr. Judith Nwakaego
    - Lawyer/Fashion Designer

    “the value of what I learnt within the last few days cannot be overemphasized”

    The class has opened my eyes and I keep asking myself the golden question… to be honest, the value of what I learnt within the last few days cannot be overemphasized. Thanks to Deborah Ugochukwu.

    Sunnei Adams

    Deborah exposed me to the knowledge I need to hit these goals.

    I have always seen my sales goals as impossible to achieve and challenging but Deborah exposed me to the knowledge I need to hit these goals.

    Levi Omeni

    Executive professional

    Get one year access to the mastermind now

    Regular Price- $110 (N55,000)

    Sales Price -$45 (N20,500)

    Today's Price; $21 (N9,500)


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    I am always excited to communicate with my people, seriously some of them can make me so emotional and I’m super glad I can add value to the life of others. I can’t wait to get started with you too!

    deborah ugochukwu

    Creator of the 6 figure launch strategy mastermind

    About Deborah

    Deborah Ugochukwu is an Amazon Bestselling Author, a transformational speaker, Knowledge business consultant and a New Media Strategist focused on helping legacy-minded millennials gain clarity and master the productive route to impact, influence and income doing what they love. She is the founder of The Million Dollar Brands.

    She has worked with both personal brands and cooperate businesses strategizing on profitable ways to launch online and improve their sales.

    Deborah was listed among the Top 35 Thought Leaders and Experts of 2020 by Jidekaiji Global Magazine and has been featured on media and radio stations. She was honoured as the Femprenuer of the month by ShelearnsHere and AFREIN; a Cameroon based initiative.

    She is fun to talk to and so friendly you would forget she’s your coach.


    Here's "What You Get" just in case you've forgotten

    • I Will Show You How To Launch Your Business Online And Make Your Offers Using High Converting Webinars
    • You Will Learn How To Host High Converting Webinars
    • ​Learn How To Sell; Master The Art Of Closing Sales
    • Find Out The Products That Could Work For You; The Product Discovery Blueprint
    • Learn The Launch Webinar Content Mastery
    • ​Learn How To Sell 2; The Psychology Of Selling
    • ​Learn How To Make Them Buy; The Hack Of Funnels
    • Learn The Ultimate Webinar Offer Sequence
    • How To Use The 2 Week Launch Plan To Sell Out
    • Long-Term Facebook Group Monetization Blueprint
    • How To Create A Permanent Hangout (WHERE) For Your Ideal Customers (WHO) So You Don't Have To Keep Doing Random Marketing.
    • Plus Other Bonuses Worth $34 (N15,000)
    • You Get One Year Access plus 30 days To Ask Me Anything Regarding Your Launch

    100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

    Secure Payment

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    100% Satisfaction Guarantee

    You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If after 6 months of joining the mastermind you feel we did not deliver, just let us know and we'll send you a prompt refund.

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