Want to know how we make $1000-$3000 monthly just by writing Emails for foreign companies...

With just our smartphones!!!

(Many of my students do not have a laptop)

Sadiq got a $1800 (over N1.2M) gig on his first trial basis!

This is for you if you don't like the idea of selling but you still want to make money online...

Now if you what to make money online and you don’t want anything that has to do with

=> convincing people

=> you don’t have strength to be bringing referrals

=> you don’t want to be waiting for commission before you get paid

Here's good news for you

Right now you can earn thousands of dollars on a monthly basis by simple Email Copywriting for foreign companies while still living here in Nigeria

All you need is your smart phone so basically you’re going to

👉 write the emails on your phone
👉 send it to these companies and
👉 Get paid in foreign currencies

You can earn up to $1000, $2000 or even $3000 on a monthly basis and you do not need to be a writer.

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Udua got a $1500 MONTHLY retainer!!! That's over N1m monthly contract.

See eh.. making money online completely transformed my life

And I know that just like me... you also want to make extra money online so you can live a more fulfilled life, travel the world at your own terms and be of great help to your family!

But the Sad truth is..

The economy is getting tougher everyday and the government is not ready to do anything about it.  Foodstuff are getting super expensive and salary is not increasing yet this same government are spending millions rigging election. 

It’s written on the wall… These people do not care one bit… they only care about their pocket and sending their kids abroad. 

The naira to dollar exchange rate as of the time of writing this is $1 = N720 and the way things are looking, it might reach $1 = N1,000

Oh, yes God forbid is easy to say but ask yourself… since the dollar began rising from $1 = N150… has it ever gone back down?

Smart thinking people are taking advantage of the naira fall by earning in dollars online doing simple jobs for firms abroad using just my smartphone.

My friend who will be teaching you exactly this very model on how to earn in dollars currently makes at least $1,000 (N600,000) every single month writing simple emails for companies abroad using just his phone. 

And YOU can do this too even if your English isn’t perfect.

Now if you’d like to know how to earn dollars writing simple emails for firms abroad and escape the hardship of this economy…

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In This Live Webinar, You'll Discover...

=> How you can replicate these results for yourself too (N600,000) in 30 days 

=> What this email writing is all about and how you can get started even if you're not a writer.

=> How to find paying clients who pay for this service (They pay $50 – $100 for just one single email and the least you’ll write is 5 emails. So do the math

=> What to say to these clients to get hired and work for them

=> How to cash out your dollars in black market using your phone WITHOUT talking to any aboki or money changer.

=> The exact sites and groups where you can find these email copywriting jobs​​

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PLEASE NOTE; this is not for everyone

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