N700 to $1!!!.. that's where Nigeria is heading but instead of complaining you can use the crash of Naira against dollar to your advantage & significantly boost your income this year.


In less than 5 minutes with this one page report I am going to show you a little known highly profitable unique online Business model which pays good money in foreign currency.

I know you are here to learn how to earn in dollars and we all already know this is very profitable, how Profitable?

Well I'm talking at making least $500 monthly and I could have said between $500-$5,000 monthly, but the truth is that there's no Limit to what you can make with it.

So putting a cap at $5000 monthly will be saying you can't make more than $5000 monthly

Which is not true because in this Same Business, I know people making some $7,500 monthly, some even $10,000 monthly, some more... So there's really no limit.

Now, aside from this being very profitable, it's also not very common in this part of the world.

So getting onboard now means you're still very early into it because this Business is far from Saturated. Not many people are doing it abroad, let alone in this part of the world. So you're at a great advantage joining now..

Secondly the barrier to entry is not high, what I mean is that you don't need a lot of things to start this Business. You can basically start with just smartphone and an Internet Connection. That's not all, you also don't need any Previous knowledge.

You don't need to be a Pro-Marketer or an Online Business Genius.

As a matter of fact there are people who have come onboard and made massive returns, without even knowing how to operate a Laptop.

Don't get me wrong, having a system will help, But what I'm saying is that you can start without one. You also don't need to start with a Massive Capital (although having a huge capital will help you get results faster, but you can start with little capital)

You also don't need to spend your whole day on this Business. What you need is at least 3hrs daily.

So what is this Unique Highly Profitable Online Business that has turned many into high income dollar earners living in Nigeria?

I'll get to that in a moment, but first.

Let me make it very clear who this is not for, so you don't waste your time.

This Business is NOT for:

1. MMM Seekers: if you're big fan of Ponzi Schemes and are looking for something like that in this Business, Then you'll be disappointed because this is not such a type of business. It's a Legit Business based on a Legit/Proper Business structure.

2. Get Rich Quick Schemes Seekers: if you're addicted to get rich quick schemes and you want to make money sharp, Then you will be disappointed. Like I said, this Business Model pays as fast as the work you put into it. It's for very serious individuals.

3. People With Terrible Mindset; As a man thinketh, so is he, if you have no belief in yourself that you'll thrive in this. That's basically what will happen, if you believe it won't work. Then it won't work for you.. If you believe everything is a Scam, then you probably won't even try it at all. Because your mind will stop you.

If you believe you can't make good money in dollars from this. You see people making $1000 weekly and you think you can't make that kind of money? then you gotta break from the shackles of that mindset because it could potentially limit how far you go with this Business You cannot make more than what you think you're capable of making..

4. Lazy Individuals: No food for Lazy Man. It applies here too. If you want to sit down somewhere, do nothing and watch money troop in.

Still here? Listen if you work hard you get paid. This Business requires work especially when starting out.

But I won't deny the fact that you'll get to a point (if you're hardworking and diligent in this Business ) that you won't need to work so hard to get good results, by that time, your money will be doing most of the work for you.

So if you're not the Lazy type, then this Business is definitely for you

Here are the people this Business is certainly for:

-Go Getters; If you're someone who goes for what he wants. And you don't stop until you win. Then this is for you.

-Focused Individuals; People who will focus on this Business all the way and not jump to another Business when they've not MILKED this yet.

-Hardworkers; Okay by now, you know where you stand so go ahead or leave this page now

I know you are itching to learn about this Business model....

 I'll get to that in a moment. But before then, show you some stuffs  

Who is your favorite social media comedian?

Sabinus, Broda Shaggi, Tahooma, Josh2funny, Sydneytalker, etc How often do you watch their skits? Whatever your answer is, it doesn’t matter.

Here’s what is important…

Take a look at the pictures below…

These are screenshots I took from their social media pages and I'm sure you've seen something like that on their pages before.

Did you notice the red-box that has red arrows pointing towards it?


You’ve probably watched a skit of theirs where at the end… They’d tell you to sign up to a foreign platform (in this case 1xBet) using their unique promo code and… You’ll get some mouth-watering bonuses.

Now here’s what you may not know…

These foreign companies (1xBet for example)… Pays your favorite social media comedian hooge amount of dollarz for every person that signs up using their unique promo code.

They get paid as high as $100 per person that signs up using their unique promo code.

Don’t take my word for it…

See for yourself below

Now imagine how much money they would make in a single month

If let’s say 100 followers sign up to this platform using their unique code.

Hooge right?

And all they do is refer long-term customers to this foreign companies.

Why am I telling you this?

Because this dollar-income model is not reserved for them alone.

In fact, a few ordinary Nigerians who are in the know are silently cashing out from this dollar-income model.

Which means you don’t have to be a social media celeb…

Or have a huge following to tap into this dollar-income model.

Ordinary Nigerians like…

Tamilore Adewuyi

A student of the University of Ibadan… Who like a lot of people, didn’t come from a rich background but had a strong desire to change his family story and take good care of his parents who have tried for him…

He Learnt about this dollar-income model.

And according to him… he was skeptical at first just like most people…

Because he didn’t have any knowledge before hand or know how to get started.

But in a few months of starting out…

And implementing all the strategies involved in this dollar-income model…

He started doing some real figures…


In fact, in 2021 alone…

He made multiple millions of naira from this dollar-income model… With just his smart phone. Best part, he’s only 23 years old.

In fact, recently…

He’s made so much money that he now flies first class trips whenever he’s travelling…

This is even small compare to what those social media skit makers make with this dollar-income model.

Tamilore is not alone…

There is also Rash Baba (as we fondly call him), a Customer Support Expert at MTN

But began to realize that his salary couldn’t sustain his family any longer…

as things were getting expensive things day by day

And his salary income was not increasing

So he started looking for extra means to earn more and heard about this dollar-income model for the first time just like you’re hearing today.

Although he said he was skeptical at first too because it was too good to be true)

And wondering how he could joggle it up with his day to day work – without one affecting the other…

But attended the dollar-income weminar.

And started it alongside his Day-To-Day work

Now, he does over $2000 per month with this dollar-income alone just with his smartphone.

And when you convert that to Naira at our exchange of N550 (as at the time of this writing)

That’s N1,100,000 in a month

Last time we spoke with him, he said he doesn’t even touch his salary again

And he’s wife respects and honors him more than ever before…

Lets not go too far, take a look at these people below too

$350 in his very first month

$1742 payout processed

$3200 by Ayodele

Funny how Harold called his first $3,649 white whale

This is to Open your eyes to show you what's possible from this Business,  it is a life changing business model, I can say that for a fact.

What is the CPA dollar model about?

To explain this Business Model, I'll be citing an example you may find relatable. I'm sure you know about ShopRite....You do yeah,?

Let's say ShopRite management see how many friends you brought along to shop with you, And wants to strike a deal

This deal is not like your regular deal, Here's the deal:

ShopRite says they will give you at least N5000 for every person you bring who will shop and buy things worth at least N3,000

Yes, you read that right! 

You get N5000 for every New customer you bring who spends at least N3000.

 I know you're probably wondering.... The Math's don't make sense right?

Are they not making a loss? Why would they want to do that?

I'll explain. Stay with me

Now, ShopRite knows exactly what they are doing Because they will make more than N3000


You see ShopRite is not just looking at today's purchase.... They are looking at what we call the lifetime Value of a Customer

They know that if your friend buys today, he/she will likely come to buy again sometime. Maybe next month, or in two months time or even next week, and when they come and buy, they will likely make more money.

And in a year, that your friend that started with spending just N3000 for starters may have spent up to N50k or N100k of even 200k within the year.

So you see why paying you just N5000 is a no brainer deal to them? Good!

Now there's another angle to this Business model.

Now, ShopRite also put in your contract with them that what they'll pay you for every new friend you bring will vary as their respective locations.

What that simply means is that if you bring someone that stays in Ikeja, You'll get N10,000

If you bring someone that stays in Lekki, you'll get N20,000

Remember: the person you're bringing just needs to spend at least N3000

And yes, if you bring someone from that area where those people who claim they are still in Lagos stay.

I'm talking about Ikorodu, if you bring a friend from there, then you get only N5000.

 Now why are they doing this? They are not discriminating

They are only looking at the Spending Power of people from that location.

They know that in the course of one year, someone who lives at Lekki most likely has more spending Power than someone living in Ikeja, and someone living in ikeja has more spending power than someone living in Ikorodu No sentiments. It's Business.

So you're paid based on that.

Now in this Business Model, your deal will most likely come with further incentives like:

- They will pay you a percentage of the amount your friend spends any other time he comes to shop; So if your friend comes back say next month and spends say N7500, they could give you about N3000 for that.

So that means continuous alert for you Imagine how dope this is

oh Yessss!!!

That's what you have been missing from this Business Model called C.P.A Affiliate Marketing.... Which means Cost Per Action Marketing.

Cost per Action because any New Customer you bring has to take certain actions for it to count. For instance, in the Shoprite example, it was to buy... to shop.

Your friends must spend some Muller.

In the CPA World, it can be to buy a Product, to fill a form, to register on a platform, to register on a platform and deposit money. So depending on the Industry you're working with The required action will vary.

So they are several industries working with this Business model who need CPA Affiliates like you to help them get Customers and make money in the Process. Some pay as little as 8 pounds, 10 pounds, 20 pounds for every new customer you bring.

Yes, I call that little because it's nothing compared to what people in the Industry that I, my students and the big guns who are thriving in this business focus on

We focus on where the big money is, because it's the same effort you'll apply to other Industries to bring them clients, that you'll apply in this one..


So why don't you just focus on where the Big Money is?

I am sure you should have noticed by now… This dollar-income model does NOT involve…

- Bringing 2 people that’ll bring another 2 people. OR

- Giving your money to someone to invest for you. OR

- Marketing or selling any products. OR

Learning a new skill that takes time to master and struggle getting clients. OR

- Trade Forex or crypto… or even learn how to code.

All you have to do is something similar to what these social media comedians does…

Refer long-term customers to these foreign companies and in return, get paid hooge amount of dollarz.

That’s all… Shikena!

Now you will just be working with these set of people who pay the biggest commission on CPA offers and these are Forex Brokers.

These guys pay the most commission when it comes to CPA Offers. The little you can get as a commission working with Forex Brokers is about $80, you can have deals worth $100, $150, $500 even a whooping $1000!

Imagine getting a $500 commission from referring a New Client

Yeah, commission is what you call the amount you're paid for bringing in the New Customer.

Now for these forex brokers, they want these new customers to register on the Forex Platform and take certain actions.

You refer these customers to them and you earn your commission in dollars!!!

Simply put, it is Refer N’ Earn In Dollars

This dollar-income model is what is known as CPA Affiliate Marketing.

You DON’T need to know how to trade forex to get started.

In fact you don't ever have to trade forex EVER!!!

All you need is a willingness to learn, 2 -3 hours daily to spare and your smart phone.

That means you can do this at home, during work breaks and even in traffic.

Now I can bet you're probably wondering....

 - How can I find these customers to refer? 

-  How can I find good CPA deals which pay very high?

-  Where do I start from now so I can start earning in Dollars by next month?


You have this once in a lifetime opportunity to attend this LIVE webinar with Nigeria's top CPA dollar income guru - Mr Micheal Olantunji

But before I show how you can attend this webinar, take a look at what this young guy(Student) from Ekiti has been able to do with Mr Micheal's training

His name is Ayanfe

Started this dollar-income model just 4 months back…

And today he’s done over $16,000 with it

In Fact, He Said He Used His First Payout To Secure 20 Plots Of Land In His State…

That’s not even all…

This month, he won an all expense paid trip to Dubai from these foreign people.

And there are many others whose life has become easier because they started to earn in dollars too.

Now if this gets you excited and you’re ready to tap into this dollar-income model so that you can attain financial stability and meet up to your never-ending bills…

I am inviting you to attend this once in a lifetime Earn in Dollars Webinar with Mr Micheal himself this Sunday 7pm.

This webinar is specifically meant for the ambitious persons ONLY.

It’s meant for those who’re willing to make the sacrifices that this kind of income demands.

And it will cost you a fee to get access.

If that’s you, read on…

Here's A Tip Of What You'll Be Learning In This Online Seminar…

1. The CPA Model of Affiliate Marketing (Value: N20,000)

This is the step to starting a CPA business… In this session, we will break down the common terminologies like… QFTD, FTD, Conversion Rate, SIGNUPS, Deals, Payouts, Player Value…

But that’s not all…

2. How to get a CPA Deal that pays $100-$500 per signup (Value: N30,000)

Imagine getting paid $600 by these financial companies for every referred customer, with just 3 customers in a month, you’ll have made $1,800 and that’s over…N990,000 every month according to our exchange…

Not bad to use it to care for your aging parents, Sponsor your siblings’ education, Supplement your monthly income, Or start that new business you’ve always wanted to start. 

3. How to Generate Traffic (Value: N25,000)

You see, getting the best CPA deals that pays $600 or more per sign up is useless if you don’t know how to refer Customers to these financial companies…

That’s why we’ll also be teaching you how to generate consistent high quality traffic to your CPA DEALS this way, you are able to keep getting high quality people for your CPA DEALS

Sounds good, right?

There’s more…

I’ll also be showing you

4. The CPA Qualification process and techniques(Value: N10,000)

This contains what you must ensure in order to get your commissions

5. The CPA Commission payout process (Value: N5,000)

~ The type of banks that you can transfer your dollars to…

~ How to get your dollars in your bank account in less than 1 hours

Total value: ~N90,000~


And with this just one CPA CLIENT DEAL of $200, you’ve recovered your money.

That’s over N100,000 when you convert to NAIRA

Most students do triple of that amount in their first month of starting out.

So N90,000 is a good deal and a fair price…

But because I have already promised to give you something you can start with less than $10

We’ve decided to do something different…

And give all these out…

For Just: N2,000

Yes, you saw that right just N2,000

But why are we doing this?

Why give such valuable information for a piece of cake.

Now listen to this 4 mins voice note 👇

Let me ask you this.... 

What can N2000 do for you?

1. Buy Sharwama?

2. Buy Data subscription? (which will not even last up to one month)

3. Eat good food today?


4. Attend this Earn in Dollars webinar where you will learn how to earn in dollars using the CPA Dollar model as a Nigerian and you can possibly make your first $1000 - $5000 in the next few months.

Yes! I am ready to Earn in Dollars!!!

Click the button below to go make your payment of N2,000 FAST… And secure your seat now!


Once you click the button above…

You’ll be redirected to WhatsApp to make the payment via bank transfer and secure your seat for the webinar but the bad news is... there is very limited slots available because Mr. Michael cannot attend to too many people at the same time 

So your best bet to secure your seat immediately by making payment. 

Meet Your trainer

He is the No 1. CPA Expert in Africa, He's name; Mr. Michael Olatunji. 

He’s been able to train over 2,342 students who have replicated similar success for themselves and are doing beautifully well.

They now have a better life…

And don’t depend on anyone before they can feed…

They’re not even fazed by the economic situation in the country because…

Earning in dollars makes them financially capable to withstand any bills

Yes! I am ready to Earn in Dollars!!!

Click the button below to go make your payment of N2,000 FAST… And secure your seat now!


Listen to Akinlami Praise; one of Mr Michael's students

Listen to this young guy who attended this same class you're about to attend 

Florence also attended this class, see the vibe in her voice now

I will ask you again.....

What can N2000 do for you?

1. Buy Sharwama?

2. Buy Data subscription? (which will not even last up to one month)

3. Eat good food today?


4. Attend this Earn in Dollars webinar where you will learn how to earn in dollars using the CPA Dollar model as a Nigerian and you can possibly make your first $1000 - $5000 in the next few months.

Yes! I am ready to Earn in Dollars!!!

Click the button below to go make your payment of N2,000 FAST… And secure your seat now!


Frequently asked questions

After this N2k are we paying another money?

What you’ll be taught would be enough for to start this business without spending a kobo but you’ll be given the chance to get our support pack at an every discounted price

If I pay now, what next?

Once your payment is confirmed, you’ll be added to the paid group where you’ll get access to the webinar

When will I start earning after I pay?

You will start making money when you start applying what you’ll be taught… this is not a get rich quick scheme

What if my network is bad during the webinar?

Don't worry, you’ll get the replay

Are we getting access to the replay after the webinar

Yes you’ll get the replay but it’s very important to attend live because you’ll be able to directly ask Mr. Michael questions and get answers

I hope this is not a scam

It is not a scam but we advise you run your own research about the program, DebbieIgnites and Mr. Michael if you’ve doubts. You can also check us out on Twitter @DebbieIgnites or @infomichaelniyi

Are we getting further support after the webinar?

You’re paying 2k, it’s unrealistic for you to get further support unless you want to be lied to. Further support will only be available for those who take the support Pack

How much is the registration on the CPA platform after paying this N2k

You’ll be taught how to get these Dollar CPA deals without paying a kobo by Mr. Michael in this training

Is this the same as Expertnaire or 72IG?

It’s no way related to 72IG, this is a Dollar CPA training

Can I do this on my phone?

Yes, all you need is a smartphone to start this business

Are we going to be referring people before we earn in dollars?

You’ll be acquiring customers for European brokers to get paid in dollars and you’ll taught all these in the training. This means your family and friends may never ever have to know you started this business since you have no business referring or begging them to buy.

Yes! I am ready to Earn in Dollars!!!

Click the button below to go make your payment of N2,000 FAST… And secure your seat now!


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