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I got my first customer and sale online in just less than 24-hours after a strategy session with DebbieIgnites.  I was so surprised because I had never sold anything online before and I didn't make any advert, the customer was not even following me. I knew it was because of what Debbie taught me about customer attraction and how customers search online.

Thank you so much Debbie! 


Super excited to help you create magic for Your Business

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1 hour strategy session

Pick my brain for one hour as we go through your marketing strategy so you can gain clarity on your next marketing campaign

Price;  $80/hour (N25,000/hour)

1 month active coaching with one month follow-up 

An intensive coaching where I show you how to structure your full fledged marketing campaign from your Ad copy, lead magnets, perfect client qualifying systems, landing page copies, sales letters, email copies, crafting your irresistible offers, developing your unique CTA to guarantee massive sales conversions from all your advertising online. 

Work with me for two months (One month actively and the 2nd month for follow-up.  

Price; $500 (N100,000 - N150,000) 

done for you sales letter

Get copywriting services done for you. Let me write you a high converting sales letter which speaks directly  to your prospects and gets them to take action and become clients

price; $500-$900 (N90,000 - N100,000)

NB; please contact to get a specific quote.

done for you landing pages copies

High converting sales copywriting done for all your landing pages and website

Price; $1500  (N200,000)

done for you email drip sequence copies

Done for you Email copies that gets your emails opened, gets attention and converts prospects who did not buy immediately.

Get all your leads to take action and become repeat customers.

Price; $50 per email (N3000 per email)

done for you facebook ad copy

lets give you a Facebook Ad copy that will pull in highly qualified leads into your business. Your Ad copy is the most important part of your advertising, so it should be qualifying enough to bring in high qulaity leads who will become loyal customers. 

Price; $150 (N30,000)

video sales letter or webinar script

Looking to close more sales using videos? 

Get a highly qualifying video sales letter to sell your products and services to clients online automatically. 

Price; $1200 (N150,000)

done for you full fledged marketing project 

This is the best offer for you;

Get an all inclusive Done for you online marketing campaign (your own SALES FUNNEL) where I personally create a result-oriented marketing system that includes;

- Facebook Ad copies

- Lead magnets and client qualifiers

- Lead generating landing pages

- An email sequence

- A sales page

- A backend offer (to increase average order value) 

Price; $2000-$2600 (N350,000 -N500,000)

NB; Contact to get your specific quote within this range

About Deborah

Okay, lets be honest if you are already on this page then its pretty obvious you already know about me.

But here's a short reminder of what matters... Over the years I have been able to master the art of creating guaranteed to convert sales online marketing promotions for myself and then for clients.

I have worked with Real Estate consultants, Travel consultants, Coaches, E-commerce vendors and other small business owners to create successful marketing strategies leveraging the internet and generating over 7 figures in revenue for my clients and I.

You are here because somehow you already believe I can deliver so make that move and lets work together to create massive sales for your business online.

What Are You Waiting For? Let’s Improve Marketing Online!

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