How to create a consistent income on demand and possibly raise your one year income in just one month on Auto-pilot

In this free webinar you will learn the exact same Business on Automation Daily Sales System that I used to go from struggling to make $2000[N1.5m] yearly to making over $33,000[N24m] in one year on Auto-pilot. 

Limited spots available!!!

If you are a course creator, coach, affiliate marketer, physical product seller, an Ecommerce vendor or just someone who sells something of value on the internet and you want to scale your income to six, seven figures a month

or are you even someone who does not have any business or products but is willing to learn how you can run a business on auto-pilot selling other people's products?

Then you're about to discover how you can use a completely automated system to make in one month what you used to make in a year.

I mean this auto-pilot system is the exact way I have been able to make consistent monthly income worth more than I used to make in a year.

See people like Diamond Shang, a hair importation coach who needed money to fund her U.K study plans and she used this same system [even though not fully automated] to raise N4.8m in 6 weeks from scratch which she then used to pay her tuition deposit and finalize her travel plans.

 Or someone like @Bodytrimng.backup on IG who went from struggling to make consistent sales to hitting over $1200 [N800k] on Auto-pilot in less than 27 days after our strategy session. She was even so shocked she sent me a message screaming


Or any of my 287 current mentees who had absolutely no business, expertise or products but have been able to go from zero income online to 6-7 figures a month.

And today you could be the next one on the list, because all those people did not reinvent the wheel when it comes to getting sales online. They simply use what I call the Business on Automation Daily Sales System and if you're wondering why it works so well, it’s because it allows you to get sales consistently without you having to show up consistently posting on social media.

I'll share with you how this is done. But before I do, there is one thing you need to know so I'm not wasting your time, which is - this is not a magical method!.


In fact, I'll tell you the truth; it works better in specific conditions.

If you don't have a hot selling offer (or be willing to be a middle man selling for someone who has a YES-YES offer as an affiliate) and at least $100 to use in kick-starting your automated sales system, it's unlikely that this method will work for you and make raise money fast.

The reason why is simply because this Daily sales system leverages on what I call a YES-YES offer which is the only way you can get a particular percentage of leads to be converted into sales every single day while you’re sleeping, cooking, eating, working at your 9-5 or simply having fun.

Yep, this works once you have an automated traffic source backed up with your YES-YES offer, remember this YES-YES offer can be your own online course, coaching service, digital products or E-comm products or even products that do not belong to you.  And I believe if you implement everything I'm going to share with you, your life could be very different.

Very different.

Look, there is a good reason why you're reading this right now... It's not for me, it's because you know you could do better

 Maybe you're not making enough money

Maybe you're getting inconsistent months with your income

Maybe you need to raise extra funds for a project

or maybe you're tired of having to show up posting on social media, organizing a class or speaking with leads before you can make sales.

So I'm about to end all of this today, because this webinar is about helping you achieve your dreams and you're taking a step forward to get the life you want by being here.

Ready to take action?
Limited spot available!!!

Deborah Omeni


I used to think this whole online business thing wouldnt work for me because I couldnt stay consistent with showing up posting contents on social media and building an audience...  But look how I have been able to re-invent the wheel and build an 8 figure in sales business on AUTO-PILOT without consistently posting online. I want to show you how you can also use this system to raise funds on auto-pilot.

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