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deborah ugochukwu omeni

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who needs this penetrative selling and marketing system?


Are you a consultant, coach or do you sell any service of any kind and want to wake up every morning to an inbox bursting with ready to buy leads


Are you a professional and would love to see your waiting room filled with new clients who are much easier to close sales with and not bother about convincing them over and over to buy


Are you a marketer with a company and you want to get more clients so you can hit your monthly sales target and avoid salary slashes while you become the favorite of your boss


Are you a Real Estate Agent, property dealer or Brooker who wants a flood of the most qualified and cashed up leads waiting in line to do business with you


Are you a Marketing consultant or you work with an agency and you like to keep up with the hottest new ahead of the game strategies so you can better serve your clients and get paid even more.


Do you have anything to sell? Products, Services, Yourself? Then this training is for you and it may disappear soon.

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what you will discover in this training


The most ignored secret to skyrocketing sales;

Find out the most ignored secret to acquiring clients online and skyrocketing sales so you can stop wasting your advertising budget (99% of businesses make this mistake which is preventing them from making more sales than they already have)


the complete market formula

The complete market formula shows you the complete percentage of your target market and this applies to every business. Discover the 60% target market whom  nobody ever talks to plus how you can start including them in your marketing


increase the ROI on all your advertising by 97%

Is it possible to increase the ROI on all your advertising by at least 97%? Find out exactly how to do this using this little ignored strategy


Outwit and outsell your competitors

find out how to outwit and outsell your competitors even with a smaller budget by going after the market strategy they do not understand


create highly effective marketing

find out exactly how to create a highly effective marketing that sucks in leads like a straw inside your favorite coca-cola drink


and so much more!

this exact strategy is Part of what I share with my premium one on one clients who pay N50,000 for strategy session with me

Got my first customer online in 24 hours

I got my first customer and sale online in just less than 24-hours after a strategy session with DebbieIgnites.  I was so surprised because I had never sold anything online before and I didn't make any advert, the customer was not even following me. I knew it was because of what Debbie taught me about customer attraction and how customers search online.

Thank you so much Debbie! 

Mrs Loveth Wisdom Wizspring Ventures

When Debbie got your back, she's got your back for real

When I saw Debbie's Ads on Facebook, I placed an order and when I had gone through her training, there was something that motivated me to go further with her. 

Honestly she transferred all she had in her empire of knowledge to mine and this really made my business to step up.

I will always recommend Deborah Ugochukwu-Omeni because when she got your back, she's got your back for real.

Mr. Justin Nwadike - Digital Entrepreneur

About the Trainer

DEBORAH Ugochukwu-Omeni 

Meet Deborah Ugochukwu-Omeni popularly called DebbieIgnites 

She is Direct Response Copywriter and Online Sales Strategist who helps business owners and brands strategize 6-7 figure yielding promotions.

She has worked with both personal brands and cooperate businesses strategizing on profitable ways to launch online and improve their sales.

Deborah was listed among the Top 35 Thought Leaders and Experts of 2020 by Jidekaiji Global Magazine and has been featured on media and radio stations. She was honored as the Femprenuer of the month by ShelearnsHere and AFREIN; a Cameroon based initiative.

She is fun to talk to and so friendly you would forget she’s your coach.