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Deborah Ugochukwu is a Goal coach/consultant, she helps individuals and organizations set achievable goals. Her rigidity in dealing with goals which seem impossible, turning them to a wide variety of possibilities with her proven principles and knowledge on setting achievable goals, has been highly noted. She is the founder and Lead Igniter at The Ignite Academy (TIA), a community whose aim is to connect like-minded individuals who would stop at nothing to achieve their goals and to Ignite the youths on the importance of Branding and Entrepreneurship at a time like this, helping and mentoring goal getters.

Valued Services

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Home Service Medical Team

Medical team that brings you the best of routine checkups, laboratory diagnosis and consultations

Writing & Publishing Consultant

Leverage my experience in writing & publishing.

Goal Coach

Highly valued and productive coaching making it easier for you to achieve set goals.


Passionate about inspiring, motivating and challenging people

Learn A Skill

I am an advocate for skill acquisition. I went from jobless and helpless to valued and wanted because I learnt a skill. Sign up for my wig making training class or kindly indicate any other skill you would love to learn using the message button and I'll connect you to an expert trainer.


Are you looking to hire a speaker for your program or event, someone who can Ignite the youths of this generation on how to become intentional with their lives and live to make an impact? Search no further, hire Deborah now!

Home Service Medicals

I understand how difficult it is for some of us to go to the hospital for proper diagnosis because we live busy lives. Therefore I and my medical team will bring the "Hospital to you". We offer routine checkups, laboratory diagnosis and consultations. Stop self medications today and book our home service medicals!

Goal Coach

Do you need an accountability partner? Someone to coach and guide you so you can achieve whatever goal you set out for, then I'm the girl you should hire! My coaching services are highly valued and productive. Hire me as your goal coach now and get more successful results

Mission I'M P ssible

Mission I'm possible is a book on how to set achievable Life/Career goals. The book presents proven principles which can help anyone set and achieve goals without fear of impossibility. Get your copy now and master the art of setting achievable goals.

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Mission I'm Possible Challenge Series

The mission i'm possible challenge series is a goal setting strategy class where participants are taught, mentored and challenged to come up with goals for the quarter or year.

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